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How to start speaking like a native speaker,
understand spoken English with ease,
and speak to always be understood.

10 Pronunciation Secrets to help you communicate with confidence and pleasure.
Course start on November 1st
English without accent.
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2 weeks of training
4 hours of lectures
► Live seminars with answers to questions
4 practical homework exercises
► Group exercises to practice the skills

— Support during the training
— Student case studies
— Answers to questions
— Checking homework

Dedicated Chat for communication and support
Learning platform with access to all materials for 3 months

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$ 199
$ 149
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Course outline
We are starting on November 1st!
  • Module
    Facial Expression, Smile, Body language, Intonation

    Making a Good First Impression: Self-introduction

    Key Concepts/Strategies/Skills:
    • Review of some difficult sounds
    • Stressed syllables
    • Stressed words
    • Rhythm
    • Intonation
    In-class practice/ breakout rooms
    Think of 5 key words that describe you and your experience/ passion/goal / compose and present a 1-minute Self-Introduction

    HW practice
    Record self-introduction/ elevator pitch & listen to/comment on 2 partners' intros
  • Module
    Vocabulary Mining, working with a Dictionary, business/tech vocabulary

    Researching the Field/Company: Building your Vocabulary

    Key Concepts/Strategies/Skills:
    • Review of some difficult sounds
    • Unstressed/reduced syllables
    • 2-syllable nouns and verbs
    • Primary and secondary stress
    • Pitch levels (1-4)
    • Tone: formal vs informal
    In-class practice/ breakout rooms
    Reading lists of words

    HW practice
    Record a list of 20 difficult words
  • Module
    Note-taking, Shadowing

    Improving your listening Skills

    Key Concepts/Strategies/Skills:
    • listen and discriminate the sounds/stressed syllables
    • listen for thought groups
    • listen for focal stress
    • listen for rising and falling intonation
    • listen for linking and elision
    In-class practice/ breakout rooms
    • Listening discrimination
    • Marking up the transcript- Quiz
    HW practice
    Choose a quote from a speech, mark it up and record it.
  • Module
    Listening with empathy and understanding, reacting, asking questions; paraphrasing; summarizing

    Discussion Skills

    Key Concepts/Strategies/Skills:
    • Listen for keywords and new information
    • Respond with emotion/ pitch/ intonation
    • Intonation in Yes/No and Wh-questions
    In-class practice/ breakout rooms
    • Listening to questions
    • Reacting
    • Confirming understanding through paraphrase and summary
    • Asking clarifying questions
    HW practice
    • Small talk
    • Communication with strangers that was scary/uncomfortable.
    • Do and overcome
  • Module
    Responding to interview Qs with confidence and control; Mirroring;
    Prepare, practice, and improvise.

    Interviewing skills: Impromptu Responses

    In-class practice/ breakout rooms
    • Mock-interview
    • Romantic date
    • Visit the doctor