want to bring new emotions into your daily routine?
fitness Experience
you've never had before!
This month is going to be special
With the World Boxing Champion -
Ivaaan The Beast Baaaaranchyk!
You are the right person!
  • Are you an office person, overworked, and want to switch your mind?
  • Are you a guy looking for an exciting physical activity?
  • Do you want to drain your stress, reboot, become more confident in life and work, or just get a positive boost?
  • Bring some activity into your life!
    Make your daily fight fun, and play by your rules!

I am the best boxing coach in Miami, having over 18 years of boxing experience and over 5 years of teaching experience. Boxing is my biggest passion.

I have taught people from 12 to 90 years old and all skill levels. I understand the importance of providing personalized boxing instruction for each person to deliver the best experience possible.

I created this project because I want to give people the emotion and motivation to move on. I can help them to be fit, healthy, and what is very important - to be happy and smile every day. I want to inspire people to be the best version of themselves.

And that's why my online Bootcamp is different from other fitness workouts:
  • A 30-minute boxing-style workout that's worth an hour of regular fitness
  • Training for all muscle groups
  • Quick change of activities, different exercises, newer-boring workouts
  • Stress relief and mental strength improvement
  • Activity in boxing = success in your life and business
how is everything arranged?
4 weeks of trainings
We'll start and practice for 4 weeks, thus giving you a chance to see a meaningful result.
I'll make sure you do well and everyone is involved - from start to finish.
My job is to keep you engaged :)
We're going to have a social group and a community that will work with you - making it more interesting and fun for you.
Never-boring exercises
It is all about activity, inspiring exercise programs, and my full energy commitment!

My classes are not about overcoming "because you have to".

My classes are first and foremost fun, and the best physical and mental state is a free benefit without any pressure on yourself.
What's in A Bootcamp?
Special price for those who becomes the first
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The number of participants is limited

The marathon starts on
October 10
$ 99

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