Mike Gorin
Advertising, Marketing, Online course launches
About Me
  • Father of two. Living in San Diego, CA

What I Do

My services for Online education courses

  • Marketing Research
    Evaluate the market in your segment, analyze competitors, work patterns and how your business complies with best practices.
  • Strategies and Planning
    We can review and optimise the concept of your product and how to promote and sell it, taking into account the competitive market.
    Make a plan to optimize and achieve your desired financial performance.
  • Implement and Launch!
    We run project management, marketing, advertising, traffic channels and sales activities.

    Our technical team will set up all the services and tools needed for best-in-class launches.
Creating a sales funnel
Under the hood of your sales machine
Technical Services
Creating websites and landing pages
Connecting additional modules and
third-party service integration
Everything you need to do
to connect and configure domain services
Automated email campaigns,
sequences and condition-based scripts
Creating education courses and subscription based clubs
Configuring order bumps and upsales
to increase sales
Integration with the most used services in the industry
User and target audience segmentation
Setting up referral systems and promo codes
Creating and setting up an affiliate program
HTML/Java-Script Code